The Story

The game starts with letters the main character Pete, wrote to his sister. He writes where he is located and the problems he is facing. Pete was forced to take care of his sister after both of his parents passed away. His little sister is named Maggie, and makes he appereance in the opening scene. Maggie has a chronic disease, and therefore Pete went out of the house to buy her medicne. They saved up money to be able to afford those medice and Pete heads out to a small nearby village. Darkness fell on his way back, and he was walking all alone through the Epping Forest. When he ventures out he notices a big hole in the ground, and when he investigates it, he tippes and falls into the deep pit. He passed out and when he woke up he finds himself on a mysterical flowerbed. From then on, you get to take control over Pete. His journey starts, and he desperately needs you to help him.




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